The role of the art consultant

The Role of the Art Consultant

  • Consultation. Discuss all your art requirements and determine a brief. Since art is subjective and can be very personal, an art consultant is able to assist in providing objective advice.
  • Presentation of artwork. Present you with proposed artwork for your consideration.
  • Sourcing and acquiring artwork. We are not limited to any particular artists or galleries, when sourcing art to suit your needs. We also undertake commissions. We are able to source the appropriate artwork to meet your requirements, be these originals or reproductions.
  • Professional framing. We offer hand-worked custom quality framing.
  • Delivery. We will coordinate all the logistics for the delivery of your artwork.
  • Installation. The artwork would be installed in a manner that best enhances both it and the interior.


What is art Acrylic painting

Art, what about it?

"Our sucess lies in the ability to translate from the subjective idea to the art that expresses that idea"

Throughout history, mankind has experienced a changing relationship with art: whether it has been found in ancient Egyptian and Chinese culture where monarchs and high ranking officials have been entombed with their art riches, or where nations have warred on each other and the victors have pillaged the artworks for themselves. By implication, is art more important than life?

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The South African artist Walter Batiss wrote: "The artist is a person moving in time and space and art is what he makes as a result of his conscious forming imagination."